Utopic Onomatopeia doesn't count as an "Onomat" or "Gagaga/Zubaba/Gogogo/Dododo" monster

  1. Bug description
    When playing duels (I only tried master rule 5) both offline and online, the card “Utopic Onomatopeia” is not counted as an “Onomat” or “Gagaga/Zubaba/Gogogo/Dododo” monster, for it is not searchable by “Onomatocouple” and you cannot special summon “Gagagacoat Zubababancho” while you control it

  2. Bug reproduction steps

Activate “Onomatocouple” or normal summon “Utopic Onomatopeia” while you have “Gagagacoat Zubababancho” in your hand

  1. Expected behavior
    Utopic Onomatopeia should’ve been searchable and Gagagacoat would be able to activate its effects

  2. Windows 10
    [Windows-10 / Linux / Android]

Its a known issue, bacause Utopic Onomatopoeia has 5 setcodes but the database only holds up to 4,so the 5th is unable to be added via the database, and we’re instead trying to add it via the card script, which so far isnt working out. Until the game core supports 5 set codes, this bug will likely not be able to be resolved, though we will still be attempting fixes to get it working if we can

Ive trying a fix to at least get the 4 listed in the card text to stay assigned to the card, hopefully Ill have some good news about it once I can test it

Looks like the 4 archetypes listed on the card text are now working, but the 5th, Onomat, still isnt, and may not work for a while for the reason stated above