URGENT - Omega Updater : CryptInject!ml

  1. Bug description
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    Omega updater it’s seen as CryptInject!ml

  2. Bug reproduction steps
    I just updated windows and that appeared

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    your replay code

  3. Screenshot OR error code

Immagine 2021-01-13 115058

  1. Expected behavior
    [Tell us what should have happened when the bug occurred.]

Which anti-virus are you using? I have malwarebytes and windows defender. Neither of them say anything. If you’re using a anti-virus software like McAfeee, AVG, or Kaskpersky, those are notorious for false positives.

Also where did you download the updater? If it wasn’t from our github links, then that is not ours.

Upon looking at your screenshot, it says “temp/rar”. I don’t think you downloaded from our github links. That is not ours.

i have windows defender, also , yep i get it here : Releases · duelists-unite/omega-releases · GitHub

Btw i just re-downloaded and it seems fixed :wink: