Union Combination - Can be activated without its main effect

  1. Bug description

The skill card “Union Combination” can be activated even though its main effect cannot be activated.

  1. Bug reproduction steps

Just start a duel with that skill card. It can be activated from the start.

  1. Expected behavior

The card should be activable if and only if its full effect can be resolved.

Try again

Same issue: https://i.imgur.com/McBx8zr.jpg

. Did you wait for YGO Omega to update its card database? Updates happen every 6 hours.

I closed the game, ran the Omega Updater manually just in case, launched the game, and it happened again.

The updater will not update the Omega card database, so please wait, and then try again.

Is it a known bug that has already been fixed?

It’s been fixed but that fix isn’t live yet. It means wait a couple of hours before you see the fix in the game.

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