Unban Request due to a hacker sending Spam to mods

  1. Do you know why you were banned? If so, state the reason.
  • My account got hacked and who ever hacked it was able to send spam to Admins and the server. It’s my fault for not having 2Fa on the account at the time but I did change my passwords to my email, my Discord and added my Phone Number to 2Fa so it’s now protected and won’t let it happen again.
  1. Do you admit to what you did or do you disagree with the mod?

Yes I do agree with the mod that I did get hacked and I was unaware of the spam I sent, and banning me while my account was not protected helped protect other users who could have been met with the same spam so I understand the ban.

  1. Why do you think you should get another chance?

I think I deserve another chance because It was a genuine accident. And I’ve learned from my lesson, I can’t have a easy password and have my account not be connected to 2Fa, which its now is protected, but sending spam can definitely be dangerous especially if it’s carrying malicious content in the spam. I will make sure that won’t happen again and will keep my account secure from now on. My apologies for the staff and community, if you received spam that someone sent through my account. I do take responsibility for it. Thank you for hearing me out and taking the time out of you day to read this, hope I can come back and have a fun time dueling again!

Hey @OTS_Casper,

please can you post a screenshot showing your 2FA have been activated.

@Gavin 2FA enabled for discord - Album on Imgur

I took a Screenshot I just wanted to keep my last 4 digets of my phone numbers safe too i want to be extra cautious now.

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Hey @OTS_Casper,

You have been unbanned.

Please keep your account safe. Enjoy Omega

Hi I wasnt banned from the game i was banned from the discord is that permanent?

Like I said, you have been unbanned, you can join discord again.

Sorry @Gavin for the back and forth but every time i try to accept the invite im unable to join. It hasnt been working for me. even after being cleared. I hope everything will be back to normal soon, sorry for the technical difficulty’s

try again for me please

I was able to accept the invite but im unable to give a thumbs up to accept the terms of service

all sorted

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hello my name is lenix garcia i was hacked by a steam bot that was giving away fake discord boosts no i didnt click on they found me because of my steam account they spammed every group i was in they kicked me out for that same reason can i please have access to omega again plz i even have people who play omega to vouch for me like mm.warrior and lets duel

@lord_of_Cesar do you have the same account or an new discord account?

what is your discord username & tag