Tuners giving nil check error

  1. Bug description
    Game is not letting me synchro summon anything after that the “nil check” prompt happens.

  2. Bug reproduction steps
    Prompt shows up after every summon I do, online or offline.
    Most likely to show in tuner monsters.

  3. Screenshot OR error code
    Prompt showing after 2 summons

  4. Expected behavior
    I should be able to synchro 7 after the 2 summons, but I couldn’t do it after that prompt.

  5. What OS are you using


tbh i would love to be notified when this is fixed as well because some of my favorite decks are literally unplayable atm

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strange this is happening, even online ?.?

I have the same thing, I thought I was going crazy after I couldn’t synchro with Girsu treated as a tuner!

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The same is happening to me, I just downloaded YGO Omega, I was so excited to play, and now I guess we have to wait for this to be fixed. Tried checking for an update, but didn’t fix anything.
Some cards need to be updated too. There’s no art for them so they can’t be used. Like the Nouvellez card, “Voici la Carte - Here is the Menu”

I also have the same problem, on my pc as well as my cellphone apps. Is there any way around this?

Not that I know. I uninstalled and reinstalled, clicked the updater, nothing. Need admin to send in a patch or something. Sucks.

Can’t sync in-game summon

Try this again online