True King Lithosagym - Destroying 2 Earths results in incorrect Effect Prompt

  1. Bug description
    [Destroying 2 Earth type monsters, either in the hand and/or on the field to summon himself from hand has the additional effect to banish cards from the opponent's extra deck. The additional effect hint prompt asks the controller something along the lines of "Special summon 1 non-earth wyrm from the Graveyard?" which is the incorrect effect's text to be shown.]

  2. Bug reproduction steps
    Have true king lithosagym in the hand.
    Have 2 earth type monsters that can be destroyed.
    Activate true king lithosagym.
    Destroy 2 Earth type monsters.
    Incorrect Prompt will be displayed.
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  3. Screenshot OR error code

  4. Expected behavior
    [The prompt shown should ask "Do you wish to Banish 3 Cards from the opponent's extra deck?.]

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Thanks. It’s fixed.

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