True Exodia Bug

  1. Bug description
    I couldn’t win with True Exodia (SS to my opponent’s side) despite controlling 4 “Forbidden” Normal Monsters

  2. Bug reproduction steps

I was trying to see if True Exodia had a Victory Animation like the other Exodias, so:

  1. Draw a bunch of cards with Pot of Greed and Into the Void
  2. Foolished Pre-errata Makyura and True Exodia
  3. Activated “Give and Take” from my hand to summon it to my opponent’s side of the field
  4. Activated Ultimate Offering and Normal Summoned the 3 Exodia Normal Monsters
  5. Passed and during my next turn (Opponent didn’t summon anything) I normal summoned the last Exodia Normal Piece
  6. Since nothing happened, I surrendered (Even though I should have won per True Exodia’s effect)

I have a replay here (I post it on Youtube since I can’t upload the replay file here)