Trouble installing

Whenever I run the updater and follow the steps on the install guide, it completes, attempts to open omega but i get a loading bar in a window and then omega itself never opens.
I am using Windows 10 and tried everything on the troubleshooting page

Try running the updater now.

Thanks for your response! Still if I’m afraid, I’ve tried fresh installs too. Just whenever i go load the application this loading bar comes on my screen and when it finishes loading nothing loads :frowning: i have freinds who have installed it fine, i dont get why my laptop hates it so much

I am not exactly sure what you are doing. Just download from here:

Unzip it and put the files into your ygo omega folder replacing the existing files. Run the updater. Don’t have any weird antiviruses like avast or mcafee. Make sure your Windows is up to date.