Trinity Format Banlist Checker issues

  1. Bug description
The Trinity Banlist Checker has issues relating to the Unbound functionality:
* All Spells and Traps are being treated as unbound, even if they are not.
* All Effect Monsters are being treated as not unbound, even if they are.
  1. Bug reproduction steps

    Create an illegal Trinity deck containing too many copies of Unlimited Spells and Traps, the checker will count it as legal.
    Create a otherwise Legal Trinity Deck containing multiples of Unbound Monsters, the checker will count it as illegal

  2. Screenshot OR error code
    Illegal Trinity Deck of all S/T: YGO Omega (

    Illegal Deck allowing me to ready: YGO Omega (

    Legal Trinity Deck of all Unbound Effect Monsters: YGO Omega (

    Legal Deck not allowing me to ready: YGO Omega (

  3. Expected behavior
    Decks with too many unlimited spell/traps should be counted as illegal.
    Decks otherwise legal containing multiples of unbounds should be counted as legal.

  4. What OS are you using
    Windows in the Screenshots, I can confirm this is bugged on Android as well.

This has been fixed. Wait for another patch.