Trigger effect when summoning XYZ monsters not working

  1. Bug description
    [Gagaga Girl effect not working]

  2. Bug reproduction steps
    [XYZ summoning Number 17: Leviathan Dragon with Gagaga Girl and Gagaga Child fails to trigger effect. Observed with fusion monster The first Darklord.]

  3. Expected behavior
    [Gagaga Girl's Effect should have triggered, allowing to target the fusion monster and reducing its ATK to 0]


Thank you for making a bug report!

The reason why Gagaga Girl did not activate is because in the scenario you described, you did not have a legal target.
Girl requires you to Target an opponent’s Special Summoned monster. With Number 17 and The First Darklord on field, the only monster that can currently be targeted is Number 17. The First Darklord’s first effect prevents Fairy type monsters from being targeted while it is on the field. It also is a Fairy type monster itself, and thus untargetable.
Since girl requires you to target an opponent’s monster, you could not target your own Number 17, and since there were no legal target it could not be activated in the scenario described.

If you find another scenario where you believe something is not working as described, please open up another ticket or reach out on #rulings in the Duelist Unite Discord. If you cannot see the #rulings channel, please read the #rules channel and it will provide you access to the hidden channels on the server.

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