Traptrix Arachnocampa failed to protect backrow after summoning herself

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    Chain link 1 Lightning storm, hitting backrow. On my field is a face-up field spell, and 2 set traps. As chain link 2, I use Arachnocampa’s effect to summon herself during the main phase, who has the additional effect to continuously protect backrow once each as long as she is on field. The Campa is summoned, and LS resolves, and destroys ALL the backrow, rather than just those face-up.
  2. Bug reproduction steps
    Currently, I am unsure if this is due to there being a face up spell/trap, but the reproduction would be to recreate the scenario above, and then see if removing the field spell works to fix it or not, which would denote the nature of the bug.
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Summon a traptrix monster, have campa in hand, activate field spell, set 2 pass. when the opponent attempts to destroy the backrow with LS, chain campa as chain link 2.
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    Campa should summon, and then LS would resolve, destroying the field spell, but leaving the backrow safe, albeit the backrow would be destroyed if another destruction effect applied.
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    Windows 10

This is still broken btw, please address or add this to the list

Is this still broken?