Translation errors : french

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    Infinite impermanence is not translated correctly in french : it is written “inifini éphémère” instead of “infini éphémère”. It is annoying for card search.

All our translations come directly from yugipedia. Infinite Impermanence - Yugipedia - Yu-Gi-Oh! wiki

If there is a mistake in the card name, you can contact them or edit it. I must be blind however, because I don’t see the difference.

There is an extra “i” x)

I just corrected it on yugipedia, thanks :slight_smile:


even if it feels weird, the card in French has indeed been called “Inifini Ephémère”, which can be clearly seen from the DUPO, FLOD and DUOV extensions.

A few links as a proof :

Thank you by advance for reverting back your change on yugipedia.
Kind regards,


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