Tournament Report Generator: Omega Announcer by Aire

Hello everyone

I’m here to introduce you to my Omega Announcer, a Tournament Report Image Generator.
As far as I am aware, the way it was done all up until now was by photoshop, but now you no longer have to do that!

THIS IS NOT just for Omega Events, you can use this for any tournaments you wish!

Video Demonstration:

NOTE: Video is from 1st version of the Software. It has been updated with more features than shown and many bugs were fixed. I just didn’t feel like recording again.

Omega Announcer Features:

Tournament Report Image Generation:

  1. Positions are changeable
  2. Automatically calculates based on decks
  3. Colours of elements are changeable
  4. Background image is changeable
  5. All elements (Images and text) editable
  6. Up to 10 Decks supported (there is no point in more, you would just make the report longer than necessary and cluttered, just put the 10th one as “Other” instead for best look)
  7. Comes with a tutorial inside the software under “?” Button
  8. Automatic Updates

Future Features:

  1. Event Poster Generation
  2. Player Name Slates Generator
  3. VS Screen Generator
  4. Maybe even a Bracket Generator

Brought to you by Aire

Spread the word, its a free software after all, I would like as many people to know about it as possible.

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