Time That Could've Been Saved

I’m usually a regular when it comes to playing YGO Omega, mostly when it comes to the ranked ladder, but today I faced a player that I had won against the first round, but when it came to the second round I was more likely to win. How that is? Well my opponent, “I Leon I” didn’t do anything the whole time that round as I would assume they didn’t have anything in their hand to do anything or would’ve just simply pass their turn. I get that when it comes to the time, if that timer runs out then the match is automatically over, but to those that take advantage of this for the last round, it feels like someone not wanting to take a loss for something that knew was already lost.

I’m not worried about this because I usually have most of the time in the world to wait, but this is to give other players the awareness as some of these players is taking advantage of this whether it be stalling, slow play, etc. and some people aren’t able to wait this out where they themselves properly would have to take the loss itself. Again, just spreading this out there and thanks to whoever read through this.

There isn’t anything we can do about slow play or stalling. The game has no way to read the opponent’s mind or judge their hand to determine if they are thinking, reading, or intentionally stalling. It is what it is. Players can do whatever they want with their “idle” time of 240 seconds even if it is to go afk.

We’ve tried already several timer systems. There is nothing to do in this situation. Players can even disconnect and reconnect during their idle time. This is a feature that no other sim has currently.