There can be only one

So I was playing, I try a dragon destroys (buster blader fusion) the buster dragon and a starving venom when I activated There can be only one, and destroyed the buster dragon without letting me choose, because I wanted to destroy the starving venom

Well, which was on the field, 1st?

That’s a good question. The ruling is that the last card on the field causing an incorrect field state has to be removed. Meaning, ‘there can be only one’ is supposed to remove the monsters in the opposite order they got on the field until the in the trap described field state is achieved. It isn’t supposed to let you choose.

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Nope, the player get to choose each one is destroyed, is the shame rule as Rivalry of Warlords and Gozen Match

That’s only if the 1st Types/Attributes on the field were simultaneously Summoned.