The Weather Painter Moonbow bug banish effect

  1. Bug description
    After use effect The Weather Painter Moonbow banish The Weather and oppoent monster the next standby phase The Weather monster this banish is returned to my field but oppoent monster not return.

  2. Bug reproduction steps

    In the oppoent turn i activate The Weather monster this gained effect from Moonbow banish it and DaiGusto Sphreez and oppoent end turn and in my turn in standby phase my monster this banish return but DaiGusto Sphreez that banish not return.

  3. Screenshot OR error code

  4. Expected behavior
    the oppoent monster that banish with Moonbow effect must return in field

  5. What OS are you using

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Try again.

still happening

DIFO is finally legal, and this bug still exists, whoever plays Weather Painters have a huge unintended buff until this is fixed.

It works on my end… Are you exiting that Standby Phase without the opposing monster returning?

I have tested it on my end, the bug defenitely still exists.

You see, the trigger eff of returning back, is coded on the Painter who made the banish.

Iff the painter remains on the field, the trigger eff will resolve normally and the opponent monster will come back, this is fine.

However, if that same painter is banished by a canvas eff, on the same Standby Phase, before using the trigger eff, the opp monster won’t return, effectively making a permanent banish.

I suspect this will happen if for any “X” reason said painter is not on the field at the Standby Phase, shuffled to the Deck, sent to the GY, Eff to Special Summon negated, you name it.

The solution should be, that the opp monster returning should be a mandatory action to happen, coded on the player, not on the painter who made the banish.

Oh, I see what you mean. Try this again, soon.

Did try, it’s still bugged but now for another reason.

Now when the WP player banishes multiple opponent’s monsters, sometimes not all of them will return the next Standby Phase, can’t tell what causes this exactly, sometimes they do all return, other times they don’t, it’s inconsistent.

Edit: Grammar.

Let me know when and if you can reproduce it, because it works on my end.

Tested more and I think I found the way to reproduce it, the scenario of this bug will only happen with 3 or more monsters banished in the same turn.

In 1 turn:

  1. Banish only one of them.
  2. On a new chain, banish 2 or more monsters in the same chain.

Result: On the next Standby Phase, the monsters who were banished from the consecutive chain link will return. The monster who was banished by the older single chain link will not. The game will forget that one.

Edit: Even more bizarre, I did it the other way around and this is what I got:

On 1 turn banishing 3 monsters:

  1. Banish 2 monster on the same chain.
  2. On a new chain, banish the other monster.

Result: On the next Standby Phase, one of the monsters of the old consecutive chain returns, the other 2 will not.