The Spell "Question" Bug Still Let's You Check Graveyard

  1. Question still let you check your graveyard even after it’s activated and it’s not supposed to happen.

  2. Have your opponent activate Question, then have your opponent check your graveyard and it still appears on the screen.

Expected behavior
It was supposed to lock your opponent’s graveyard while activated until it resolves.

  1. What OS are you using
    Windows 10

What order was the GY in? The sequences of the cards in the GY should be randomized after activating it, but before or while resolving its effect.

Even if they try to check your GY during Question’s resolution, it won’t matter because the cards are randomized when viewing. A simulator cannot stop a player from finding out the first monster sent to the Graveyard however because of the duel log. So the best solution is to randomize the order so that nobody can know the bottom most card.

You will see that even in official simulators like Duel Links or Master Duel, players will still be able to go through the log to find the card at the bottom, so Question really becomes a card with the intention of banishing the monster in your GY (Because they call it right). If the opponent realizes that banishing a Necroface is bad, then they will pick wrong and it will be Special Summoned - hence it is beneficial no matter what choice they pick.

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