The skill card system has a big problem

  1. Bug description
    In official DL if I active a skill (any skill), the oppoent and I can not respond any move to the skill.
    EX: It means if I active a skill to summon a monster, the oppoent can not active a effect to destroy it until I do the next thing(summon or active effect etc…)
    However, In Omega if I active a skill, the oppoent always has the opportunity to active effect to deal with it.

  2. Bug reproduction steps

A.adding a “non-auto-active skill” it.
C.I find I can active fast effect when the effect of the skill ends.
(It means the oppoent can also active the fast effect.)

  1. Screenshot OR error code

  1. Expected behavior
    When someone active a skill, Both players should not have opportunity to active any fast effect until the turn player do next thing.
    (It means there should not be a fast effect timing at the end of the skill.)

Should be fixed; let me know if there are any skills that can be responded to by fast effects

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That is so rapid.
Thanks for your efficient fixing.
I just tried some skills.
They all worked correctly.
If I find something wrong, I will report again.

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