The LP bar, LP counter and timer are swapped for the players

  1. Bug description
    During a Duel: The life bar, life point counter and timer are swapped for players. This is visual only. Damage and LP are calculated correctly for the players.

  2. Bug reproduction steps

a. Start a duel
b. Pay attention to the timer. If the opponent is thinking before doing an action, it is my timer what decreases instead of my opponent’s.
c. Deal damage to the opponent. When the damage is dealt it shows as if I’m the one taking damage, my LP decrease and my LP bar decreases.
d. Still, the calculations are correct. For example: even if I see my LP decreasing to 0 after my last attack, it’s still my opponent who loses the duel.

  1. Screenshot OR error code

  2. Expected behavior
    When I attack my opponent, their LP counter and bar should decrease.; also, their timer should decrease when they are thinking to perform an action.

Thank you. Both of these are fixed. Changes will be live soon.

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