The card Exchange sometimes breaks the timer

  1. Bug description
    In some occasions, after you use the card Exchange and get from your opponent a hand trap (notably Nibiru), the timer stops refunding you three seconds anytime you perform an action.

I play Infernobles on ladder. The combo that results in a full board gains me time on the timer normally, thanks to the token generators. I end nearly all my turns with 2:30 or more on the clock.
I play Exchange going first to snipe key cards in the opponent hand before the combo. While most of the time it results to me winning, as i said, in some cases when I take a handtrap from my opponent the timer stops refunding, and I know immediatly that I will not be able to make a full board, because I will run out of time somewhere in the middle of the combo. It happened to me four times already, two while taking a Nibiru and one while taking a Psy-frame Gamma. (BTW taking thoses handtraps shouldn’t extend the duration of the turn since they don’t make activation prompts during your own combo.)

  1. Bug reproduction steps
  1. Play and resolve Exchange.
  2. Take a handtrap from your opponent.
  3. Play some other cards, and check if your timer refunds you time or not. If it doesn’t anymore, cry (optional)
  1. Screenshot OR error code
    Replays just show that you ran out of time. Next time it happens, I will make screenshots of the timer not refunding.

  2. Expected behavior
    The timer keeps refunding you three seconds each time you play a card, summon a monster or activate an effect, which allow you, when you play fast some linear combo, to end your combo with as much or more time on the clock than at the beginning.

The timer will get an update later so we’ll see. It’ll be 240 secs per turn with 10 secs per move. Each player should have plenty of time. There had to be a balance of not giving too much time for stalling and this is the best way we can do it.