the store points are still not being added, and the paper and scissors are still running automatically going straight to the choice of going first or second

Regarding the rock paper scissor, I know if you go into the options in the main menu, there is a setting for “Auto RPS”, can you confirm if this is marked with a check or and X.

I’m not sure what you are not getting store points for at this current time, could you elaborate on this?

the store points are already normal

I would like to leave a suggestion, you could put the option to cancel an invocation, because after we click on some monster we can’t click again to cancel the invocation and also in relation to the side, when the turn ends he does not update the deck keeping the cards that have been sided, the game is wonderful, congratulations!

ah regarding paper and scissors my settings are correct, there is an error, it is running automatically and going straight to the choice to go first or second