Test Bot in Deck Building Isn't Turned Off

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I’m being told that the test feature is supposed to include a bot that does not respond or do anything, however the bot plays as the normal Altergeist AI for me. I tried checking if there are any settings related to this and couldn’t find anything, and this doesn’t seem to be replicable on other accounts given the interaction here: Discord

  1. Bug reproduction steps

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  2. Open Deck

  3. Press Test

  4. Begin Dueling


    your replay code

  5. Screenshot OR error code

  6. Expected behavior
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    Bot doesn’t play

  7. What OS are you using
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    Windows 10

Dude, this is Omega bug reports forum, not Dueling Nexus bug reports. Go to their server and send a report there.

Better yet, just make a custom solo game at the bottom of the duel zone menu and choose which bot deck to duel against yourself. You want 0 interactions and 0 resistance? Pick the mokey mokey deck.

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