Tellarknight Constellar Caduceus Bug (New Card, Broken Effect)

  1. Bug description
    [Tellarknight Constellar Caduceus is unable to banish "tellarknight" and "Constellar" cards from the deck, except the new cards.]

  2. Bug reproduction steps
    [`Simply xyz summon the monster and activate it’s effect while having a deck with Tellarknight, Satellarknight, Stellarknight, and Constellar monsters in the main deck. Check the youtube video for full details as well as a comparison to show how it should work

your replay code

  1. Screenshot OR error code
    Caduceus Bug (YGO Omega) - YouTube

  2. Expected behavior
    [You should be able to banish from your deck and activate the summon effect of all "tellarknight" monsters and many of the Constellar monsters in the game. This mainly refers to "Satellarknight", "Stellarknight", and "Constellar" monsters.]

  3. What OS are you using


Try this again


looks like its working now!

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