Telehematech Cratis effect bugged

  1. Bug description
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    when using the effect it allows you to pay the spell counter cost by detaching material to SS spellcaster from hand or deck or add 1 spell or effect monster. card text states that you can only accomplish the last 2 effects by paying spell counters , not detaching material.

  2. Bug reproduction steps

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was playing volcanis with horus engine , it allowed me to use Thelematech effect to SS a spellcaster from deck or hand by detaching material , when card texts states i should not be allowed to use that effect unless i pay spellcounters
3. Screenshot OR error code

no error code , game seemed to think it was working as intended
4. Expected behavior
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card text states you can pay spellcounters to use the effect of Thelematch Cratis which is either to add 1 spell or spellcaster effect monster to hand or SS 1 spellcaster from deck or grave and instead allowed me to detach material for the SS instead. it doesnt state that i can detach material from the card to do this it states specifically spell counter to be removed to use this effect
5. What OS are you using
[Windows-10 / Linux / Android]

You sure? May I please see a replay?