Tearlament fusion effs failing to work

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    In a duel against the AI (have not attemoted this in a pvp match) When ever a non reinoheart tearlament is dumped too the gy and I activate the eff to fusion summon. A message popus up saying “2 parameters are needed” and then it goes back to an open game state without doing any of the cards eff.

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Go to a deck that has tearlament reinoheart, any of the 3 other tearlamet main monsters and a legal fusion target for reinoheart and the other monster.
Go into a testhand from deck edit or into a game via the local game section with an Ai
Normal summon [Tearlamets Reinoheart]
activate eff too send to gy any other main deck tearlaments monster.
When prompted to activate the card in gys eff do so.

  1. Screenshot OR error code

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  1. Expected behavior
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    When the monster in gys eff is activated.
    Both monsters should be placed on the bottom of the deck and a fusion monster should be summoned
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The internal OCGCore updates only when the client gets updated, so please try again online

I have been having this same exact issue for the past 3 days now. I’m using the TCG format. “2 parameters are needed” is what pops up and I never get the effect of Tearlament monster’s effects that fusion summon when sent to graveyard by card effect.