TCG Iron Chain Coil Effect Not Applying Bug

  1. Bug description
    [Describe what the bug is in your own words.]
    The TCG version of Iron Chain Coil’s Effect of adding 300 attack and defense on another Iron Chain monster is not being applied (including itself), and the stats of the monster stay the same.

  2. Bug reproduction steps

  • Summon Iron Chain Coil
  • Attempt to use the effect
    [Write the exact steps to reproduce the bug. Provide a replay code if you can. You can attach replay codes, or use a pastebin link or you can even use a spoiler tag using]

  1. Screenshot OR error code
    In the replay.

  2. Expected behavior
    [Tell us what should have happened when the bug occurred.]
    Iron Chain Coil should’ve applied a 300 ATK/DEF boost to the applied monster, however the stats stayed the same.

Hi Michael!

Thank you for making a bug report! Unfortunately it does not seem like the pastebin link worked correctly. Clicking on it lead to a 404 error for the code.

None the less, I went ahead and tested this. I have be able to reproduce the same result, regardless of game state. The team has been notified of this. Please standby while they work on a fix for this.