Targeting Opponent's Monsters with Nazuki the Vaylantz Ninja

  1. Targeting Opponent’s Monsters with Nazuki the Vaylantz Ninja

  2. Bug reproduction steps

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    There are potential unexpected behaviours involving this card; They all stem the interaction of activating a Special Summoned Nazuki the Vaylantz Ninja’s effect to move a monster on the field to an adjacent zone and targeting an opponent’s monster on the field.

  3. Screenshot OR error code

    Link to thread Duelists Unite Discord with four recorded replays of the myriad of issues that can occur involving this card:

The UI allows you to resolve Nazuki’s effect without moving any monsters on the field by selecting an occupied zone for an opponent’s monster to move to when resolving her effect. This seems to be related to the previous issue, since the way that you do this is by selecting one of your zones.
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The UI does not allow you to resolve Nazuki’s effect by choosing one of your monster zones that would not be occupied by an opponent’s card if one of your monsters is currently occupying that zones, severely neutering the offensive capabilities of her effect within the Vaylantz archetype (You cannot move an opponent’s monster to line up with one of yours if your monster is “blocking” the zone, if your board is cluttered- which happens often with this deck.)

  1. Expected behavior

This card does not function properly when targeting an opponent’s monster.

The UI is not clear on what zone the opponent’s monster will move to when resolving Nazuki’s monster effect targeting an opponent’s monster. For clarity’s sake, the UI should highlight your opponent’s zones, similarly to Kaijus, as opposed to asking you to choose which of your opponent’s zones you would like to move the monster to relative to your side of the board.

To give an example of how the UI should handle an effect like this when targeting an opponent’s monster, it should act similarly to handing my opponent Gameciel. The engine highlights my opponent’s valid zones and allows me to choose which of these zones to place Gameciel.

My guess is that this bug has to do with Nazuki’s script not checking whether or not Nazuki is targeting one of your monsters or one of your opponent’s monsters, and treating targeted monsters as if they were your own. I believe this would explain the “mirrored” behaviour of my opponent’s cards, as well as why it’s highlighting my side of the field while resolving her effect.

  1. What OS are you using
    [Windows-10 / Android]
    These bugs have been reproduced on both Windows-10 and Android (Google Pixel 4a).