"Tallyho! Springans!" cannot pay cost properly [Solved]

  1. Bug description


  1. Gigantic “Champion” Sargus on the field, containing 4 xyz materials (Spingans Merrymaker + Springans Rocky + 2 non-Springans monsters)
  2. There’s no monster card in the graveyard.


  1. When Tallyho! Springans! activated, there should be a text block to choose if the player want to pay cost by deteching xyz materials. (But it didn’t.)
  2. If the player pay cost, according to the card effect, there are some springans monster card in the graveyard (or hand card), then, special summoning them.
  1. Screenshot OR error code

  2. Expected behavior
    According to the screenshots, Springans Merrymaker and Springans Rocky should be deteched in the graveyard.
    Then Springans Brothers, Springans Merrymaker and Springans Rocky can be special summoned on the field.

  3. What OS are you using

Did you select the option labeled (1) or (0) while activating the card? The former label has the effect with the cost.

In the situation, I’ve selected the option (1).
The option (1) need to pay cost by deteching up to 3 xyz materials; I cannot detech 3 but 2.
System judged that there are exactly 2 Springans monsters in my hand.

Also there is another condition:
If there is no Springans monster in my hand and graveyard, the option didn’t exist.
Since those Springans monsters are as Xyz materials, not in the hand and graveyard, the option cannot be selected. (System judged there is no cards can be summoned.)

The correct step of this card may be like:

  1. Choose the option.
    1-1) Option (0) → Add 1 Springans monster from your Deck to hand.
    1-2) Option (1) → Add 1 Springans monster from your Deck to hand. → If there are 3 Springans monsters in “hand + graveyard + xyz material”, detaching them up to 3.
    (If detaching 3 materials, then 3 Springans monsters should be in the hand and graveyard)

  2. If choosing Option (1), Special Summon that many Springans monsters from your hand and/or graveyard.

Oh, you have to Summon an equal number of monsters to the number of materials detached for Tallyho’s cost.

This interaction is similar to Lumina, Lightsworn Summoner’s effect discarding a Lightsworn monster: you CAN Summon the monster her cost discards, but you must already have another Summonable Lightsworn monster in GY before you are allowed to even activate her effect. Source

I see. And the interaction of the card is worked today. Thank you for explanation.

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