Tag Duel completely bugged

When attempting to do Tag Duels with my friends, we had a lot of issues with our cards to the point where it’s basically unplayable. Here’s a list of the bugs we encountered.

  1. Unable to normal/special summon a monster despite meeting the requirements.

  2. The ability to normal/special summon a “Spell/Trap” card into the monster zone (This causes cards to overlap and move randomly around the field).

  3. Cards were duplicated, even with limits such as the spell card “Called by the grave” (This usually led to the summon bug mentioned on the first point).

  4. The wrong deck is used sometimes when the match is started.

  5. After RPS, the match will refuse to start and be stuck on the result on some occasions.

Something to note is that most of the time, it was usually the final player that was affected by these bugs before it made a full rotation. We all used the updater and played with different rules but those didn’t fix the issues either. Hopefully this can resolved soon, thanks!

Hey there. We are aware that tags are bugged. We need to test and reproduce when it is bugged. You said it’s usually the final player when doing the rotation - that helps a lot. If those cards and situations were working for the first turn player, there is nothing wrong with the cards themselves.

So tell me if in a 2 vs 2, this happens on turn 4? Is there any issues during the first three turns?

Sometimes there are, sometimes there aren’t. As shown in this video here the card dupe and summon bug happen on our 3rd players turn. It really just happens at random, we just noticed it most commonly happened for the final player.