T.G halberd cannon effect

  1. When using T.G halberd cannon, when an opponent attempts to summon a monster, i do not get a chance to negate the summon as stated in T.G halberd cannons effect.

  2. Summon halberd cannon, have an opponent summon a monster. (Note, i am able to proc the effect on my turn, just not opponents)

  3. Hard to screenshot since it would just be a board state before and after a summon.

  4. Should be able to activate T.G halberd Cannon to negate opponents summon

  5. Windows 10

You cannot activate cards or effects while a chain is resolving keep in mind. So you can’t negate the Summon of something like a monster being Summoned off its own activated effect (like R-ACE Turbulence). You have to negate a Summon of something that happens outside a chain, like a Fenrir or a Synchro Summon.

The effect does not apply during any type of summon. In or out of chain.


Thank you for making a bug report.

As stated above, there are too many details missing to determine if this is a bug or not. We would need to see a replay file so we can determine if this is a bug or simply a misunderstanding how the card works.

If you can supply a replay where you believe the card should work, and doesn’t, then we can help find out the cause of it not working.

You can go to the replays section within Omega and click the replay you wish to share and then click export. You can paste that string of characters here and then we can use that jumble of characters to view the replay.