Swing Into Action Pendulum Summon DL Skill Bug

  1. Bug description
    I noticed that Arc-V Duel Links skills has been added to YGO Omega (I’ve been waiting for it, honestly), and I decided to test what you guys have implemented. I’ve built a Performapal concept deck with cards not available yet in Duel Links like Pendulum Sorcerer and Skullcrobat Joker. The Skill I used in the deck is “Swing Into Action: Pendulum Summon” since I noticed other Arc-V skills have no scripts as of yet, and this is the only skill I can use.
    Problem arises when I start a duel test (with Fur Hires, as usual). The skill card is placed in the left or right locked monster zones, as the usual skill card zone is used as one of the pendulum zone. Problems are as follows:
  • The skill card on the unused monster zone is considered to be a monster that can be placed in defense position, flipped face up, and attacked by opponent monsters.
  • As the skill adds pendulum zones, only one pendulum zone were added (blue one on the left). Though Pendulum effects can be activated normally.
  1. Bug reproduction steps
    Build a 20 card Performapal deck, with a minimum of 12 Pendulum monsters. Add “Swing Into Action” skill card to the main deck. Play against AI, with the parameters below:
    Card Pool: All
    Banlist: Unlimited
    Master Rule: 5
    Duel Rule: Speed Duel
    LP: 4000
    Time Limit: 180
    Draw Count: 1
    Starting Hand: 4
    Shuffle: Yes
    Beta: No
    Add Random Bot, play against it. At the start of the duel, a prompt to place the skill card on one of the unused monster zones will appear. But only 1 Pendulum Zone will be added, and that skill card will have 0 ATK and 0 DEF, can be attacked by opponent monster.

  2. Screenshot OR error code

    The skill card is now a monster and can be attacked. One pendulum zone active.

    Dyna attacking that face-down defense position skill card.

  3. Expected behavior
    I don’t expect this to be fixed easily, but as a bonus motivation I would say: I know you guys can fix this. The skill should add (or unlock, to be exact) two pendulum zones, not just one. And the skill card should not become a monster in the unused monster zone (or cannot be targeted for attack, divert it to direct attack instead). I haven\t tested if the pendulum zone can be used as a usual S/T zone, but if it does, it shouldn’t be.