Sunvine Healer cannot be clicked

  1. Bug description
    [Users are unable to click on Sunvine Healer as link material for Aromaseraphy Jasmine.]

  2. Bug reproduction steps

    [`1. Summon Genius Seed Loci

  3. Link into Sunavalon Dryas and search Sunvine Sowing

  4. Activate Sunvine Sowing to summon a second seed from deck and self-burn for 1000

  5. Activate Dryas to heal and summon a Sunvine link monster.
    The game will show a selection window with valid targets.

  6. Close that selection window by clicking on the extra deck.

  7. Select Sunvine Healer from the list of extra deck monsters.
    Now you can no longer use Sunvine Healer as link material and will need to restart the client to fix.`]


    your replay code:

  8. Screenshot OR error code

  9. Expected behavior
    [Sunvine Healer should be available for selection as link material regardless of which window it was summoned from..]

  10. What OS are you using