Summon bug?

  1. Bug description
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    While playing @Ignisters, when I attempt to summon a sixth monster for the link summon of The Arrival the game crashes and I get a Tie Internal Error.

  2. Bug reproduction steps
    Under Master Rule 4 in a match, control Dark Templar, Fire Phoenix, Wind Pegasus, Light Dragon and Water Leviathan or Earth Golem. When summoning other monsters it doesn’t seem to appear. I can summon the fifth monster successfully, but when I attempt to summon the sixth (Earth Golem or Water Leviathan), the game crashes.
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  3. Screenshot OR error code

4. Expected behavior
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In this screenshot, I activated A.I.'s Ritual to summon the Water Leviathan in my hand. Normally, this should have resolved with no issue, but the game crashed. In previous tests (which I don’t have screenshots for), I controlled Water Leviathan instead, but when I activated A.I. Love Fusion to summon Earth Golem, the same problem appeared. It doesn’t appear to be connected to a single card, rather it seems that it crashes when I attempt to summon something while I already have six monsters on the field.


Thank you for the bug report.

I currently have a running theory, but wanted to ask before I start coming up with a testing methodology.

When you had this occur, were you able to select your materials, and/or the monster to summon, and then it crashed? Or did it crash immediately when you activated the card which would allow the summon? The A.I Love Fusion & the A.I’s Ritual?

Asking for clarification.

Thank you!