Subterror Umastryx doesn't trigger when Guru uses its effect to face down

  1. Bug description
    [Subterror Umastryx doesn't trigger when Guru uses its effect to face down]

  2. Bug reproduction steps

    [I activate Guru to face down an opponent's monster and guru, Umastryx is in my hand and he doesn't trigger the effect animation to allow me to special summon him]


    your replay code

  3. Screenshot OR error code

  4. Expected behavior
    [Normally it should stop the game and ask me if i want to activate an effect, then allow me to special summon umastryx, i had no restrictions on special summoning or anything]

Tried to replicate this but I was able to activate Umastryx effect to summon when flipping my guru down

Would be better if you could provide a screenshot to make sure you could legally summon Umastryx while flipping Guru down because it has the restriction of only being able to summon itself if you control no face-up monsters after flipping a card face-down

After reading this i tried with guru face up using fiendess and umastryx in my hand, still didn’t activate
i’ll try and get a screenshot

I tried again now and it worked but i promise you it’s the exact same thing the first time, activate guru’s effect, no interuption or missed timing, directly after it there no box asking if i can activate Umastryxs’ effect

Did you chain Guru’s effect? pretty sure if you use it as CL2 or higher it just misses timing, and I think fiendess always makes it miss timing since the last thing to happen was a card being negated and not guru being flipped face-down, but I might be wrong in that case

I’m not sure if it misses timing with fiendess, since Umastryx effect always triggers after the chain is done, also the time i was describing was after Guru’s own effect

Umastryx is a “When… you can…” effect, if the last thing that happened wasnt your monster being flipped face-down then Umastryx doesnt trigger, so anything that flips face-down as CL2 or higher doesnt work.

Without a replay, I cannot ensure what happened. As stated above, it says When a face-up monster you control is flipped face-down while you control no face-up monsters:

It says When which can indeed miss timing. Not only that but there is an additional condition here while you control no face-up monsters

There are many different situations where it wouldn’t occur. Bug reports need exact steps to reproduce not an assumption of what should happen. Give me the exact scenario and steps to reproduce it.

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