Speed duel skill not working

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    Ritual ceremony and spell proof armor not working

  2. Bug reproduction steps
    Ritual ceremony don’t work with cyber angel and relinquished.
    Spell proof armor can’t be flipped.
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    your replay code

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For Ritual Ceremony, the Cyber Angel’s case is because the Skill is currently coded similarly to Pre-Preparation of Rites, where the Ritual Spell in question has to mention the revealed monster’s name. Unfortunately, there are a ton of extra steps to take to code for cases like Machine Angel Ritual and Sprite's Blessing, if it is even possible at all, since, among other difficulties, generic filters can have varying function names…

I will, at the very least, look into the rest, though.

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Okay; try these again, later

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Spell proof armor now working! Ty
Ritual ceremony still no eff.
Digging for gold don’t work too (need to open other topic or it’s good to write that here?)

Ty for the help

Try Digging for Gold again, later. As for Ritual Ceremony…

Were you trying to reveal a “Cyber Angel” monster in your hand?

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Ty for digging !
Yes trying it with cyber angel

'Tis hard-if-even-possible to code for generic Ritual Spells without completely breaking the Skill altogether, i.e. making it work too much, if at all… Can you please test with Relinquished?

EDIT: Found a solution for the Cyber Angel case; please try it later

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Now ritual ceremony works with relinquished! Still not works with cyber angels.
Digging for gold doesn’t work too

Updates do not happen instantly, hence why I said to try again later; please wait about 6 hours, and then try again.

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Sorry! Thanks for your support!
Now Digging for gold work and ritual ceremony work with cyber angel, ty again.

One weird interaction happened with night wheel, my opponent lost 250 instead of 500 lp, is this a bug? Happened in 3 different duel.

Good to know, and you are very welcome! As for Nightmare Wheel, according to Nightmare Wheel (Duel Links) - Yugipedia - Yu-Gi-Oh! wiki , players can’t get it, yet. Duel Links cards released from the Shining Hope Main Box (?) and beyond-- as well as Lava Golem, even if only retroactively-- inflict half as much effect damage as they would in real life. I hope this explains things!

That’s a duel links ruling, but In Speed duel burn damage from night wheel, lava golem and zoma aren’t halved! That’s why seems weird to me! Is possible to make them working full on speed duel?

There should be an Extra Rule checkbox regarding that. Uncheck that, and try again

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You can already do Speed Duel Rules or Duel Link rules, just choose what you want from Extra Rules.