Speed Duel/Duel Links Decks Unplayable in the New Update

  1. Bug description
    Speed Duel/Duel Links deck testing seems busted right now. I’ve been testing concept decks with cards not yet in DL for some time with all but problems. The new update seems have broken deck testing against AI now. Take for example I want to play a BLS deck, when I put parameters I usually use before the update, it works no problem. Seems like after the update, I can’t even use so many decks to test out. Screenshots will explain to you in detail.

  2. Bug reproduction steps
    Create a private room with available DL parameter:
    Card Pool: All
    Banlist: Unlimited
    Master Rule: 5
    Duel Rule: Speed Duel
    LP: 4000
    Time Limit: 180
    Draw Count: 1
    Starting Hand: 4
    Shuffle: Yes
    Beta: No
    Leave anything else at default, make it private, and pick a deck. You will see many decks (if you already testing out decks for DL) will be unusable. Especially decks with cards not yet out in DL (in some case I can’t even play decks with cards already out in DL, like BLS). When you tried to play a deck with X mark and tried to start a duel with AI, a prompt will come out saying “Invalid Number of Cards”.

  3. Screenshot OR error code

    Playable decks with DL card pool and Unlimited banlist. Notice Black Luster DL cannot be played at all, even with all cards came out.
    YGO Omega 17_11_2021 09_48_19
    Decks unplayable with ALL card pool and either Unlimited or DL banlist.
    YGO Omega 17_11_2021 08_49_04
    BLS deck cannot be played with DL card pool and DL banlist due to “Invalid amount of Super Soldier Ritual”, if I replace it with “Super Soldier Synthesis” it will play just fine.

  4. Expected behavior
    Nothing above should be happening. Especially using ALL card pool as ALL cards should be playable, including but not limited to DL, even cards that haven’t come out in DL like TCG and OCG cards. YGO Omega is a good place to test out DL decks objectively for me and subjectively for everyone. I hope this is getting fixed.

  5. What OS are you using
    Windows 10

Did you know that there’s 1 button you need to press only to set the DL rules? Just 1. Next to the private button in the host tab, you will see 5 preset shortcut buttons. Press the DL button if you want DL. If you want SPD, then simply change the banlist to Speed Duel, card pool to ALL, and then go to the extra rules and uncheck the Half Burn Damage.

That’s it. The reason you’re having problems is mainly due to the Extra Rules.

We’ve fixed it. Check again in 1 hour.

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