Soul Pendulum needs to be reworked a little

  1. Bug description
    Soul Pendulum should have an indicator of which scale is being effected. I’m not sure how to explain it, but when you use it, there’s nothing that says which scales are being effected by it. So it should say, “Which scale?” and it display left or right. Click left and you use your left scale and then you click “increase/decrease scale.” This is so it makes it more clear what scales you’re affecting first or second that way you don’t accidentally invert your scales.
  2. Expected behavior
    Typically in EDO Pro you select your scales in the order you want to affect the scales, then it’ll process it and display the first choice as a pop up giving the option to increase/decrease the scale, and then move to the other scale and gives you the same prompt to increase/decrease the scale.
    This is to prevent confusion when you use the card that way you don’t accidentally go into a rank match and decrease in rank because you accidentally inverted scales.

In edo, it’s left to right and in omega, it’s right to left. But neither actually show which scale is first. I’ll try to clear this in the message itself.