Soul of the supreme Celestial King/Magicians

  1. When activating this card, it does not allow me to select “Black fang magician”, “White wing Magician”, “Double Iris magician”, or “Purple poison magician” to fufil the effect. These cards are all treated as a given dragon (This card is always treated as a “____ Dragon” card.) but the card does not allow me to select them when activating.

  2. Have listed magicians anywhere but the banish pile. Activate Soul of the Supreme celestial king, in the list none of the listen magicians will appear as targets for the effect

  3. I have no error code, the duel continued as normal

  4. I expected the cards to be targetable as per their description

  5. Windows 10

Please read Z-ARC’s material requirements. It needs 4 Dragon monsters, as in the Dragon-Type. Double Iris and the other magicians are Spellcasters, not Dragons.

My apologies, thank you.

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