Some Mathmechs here

Some Mathmechs here
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Hello there,

Just wanted to share my Mathmech deck that I run nowadays. It’s largly inspired by yacine656.

Format: TCG
Aim: This is basicaly a beatdown deck with two boss monsters that can be summoned quite easily.
Must have cards: All mathmechs (excepted division), accesscode, transcode & update jammer.
Combos: Listed below.

This deck revolves around beating the living hell out of your opponent the fastest you can. This is a preferably go second deck, but can do some magic in going first. As a combo-ish deck, you will want to do not allow your opponent to build a full board or disrupt you, so play carefully and READ YOUR OPPONENT CARDS.

The main strategy going second of this deck is in two steps :

I. Disrupt your opponent.
Use whatever possible to disrupt your opponent (mainly ash, veiler and imperm’s). You do not want to have a full board to pass through.

II. trigger all that you can.
Use baits to lure your opponent to use all its handtrap/trap/whatever the negates you can. Lightning storm is your best friend after this.

III. Climb to the paradise.
Now that your opponent is out of surprise, you only need two cards and BOOM ! Accesscode -> board wipe -> 2x 5600 in da face.
Note that as a combo-ish deck, you can be interupted quite easily on certain step, but the gameplan (always stick to the gameplan !) is :

If you have parallel exceed :

  1. splash a mathmech to the field, preferably addition, soustraction using opponent cards, or sigma if needed.
  2. Go into a link 1 (linguriboh is your friend).
  3. Activate parallel exceed and splash two copies of it.
  4. Use those two to make primathmech dalembertian
  5. Ditch the two materials to get mathmech diameter.
  6. Norm diameter and reborn a mathmech with it’s effect.
  7. Go to the final climb.

If you do not have parallel exceed :

  1. Don’t panic, check that you have a splashable mathmech (addition, soustraction or sigma) and an extender.
  2. splash your splashable, and use it to make linguriboh.
  3. Use your extender, or normal summon if needed.
  4. then, go to the final climb.

The final climb :
1a. if you have two lv4, make Update Jammer.
1b. if you only have a linguriboh and another monster, go to splash mage, then use its effect to reborn a monster.
2. go to transcode talker, and use its effect to reborn the link from 1a or 1b. DO NOT USE UPDATE JAMMER YET.
3. go to accesscode talker. At this point, if you used update jammer -> chain 1 accesscode, chain 2 update jammer, if not, just activate accesscode.
4. Now use accesscode to wipe the board.
5. battle phase -> BIG BOOM (5600 at least, 11200 OTK if update jammer is used)

The alternative (quite good at going first to have a 3000atk wall):
If you have nabla and another spashable mathmech in hand, and the board is quite clear, you can use this quicker strat :

  1. Norm nabla.
  2. Spe your splashable (add, sub, sigma)
  3. Use nabla and spe multiplication.
  4. Use multiplication to make nabla lv8.
  6. profit -> it will have two attacks on monsters and 6000 atk… and cannot be affected by card effect.

The going first trap :
If you have what you need to climb to a link4 (2 mathmechs + 1 extender basicaly), you can use it to get Mathmech superfactorial from you dalembertian, and then climb into zeroboros using methods above.
Once there is a magic/spell and a monster (or wait till the board is full), trigger superfactorial, XYZ into laplacian into a zone of zeroboros, and use the “trishula” effect to laplacian to remove 1 magic/trap, 1 monster and 1 card form the opponent hand -> then the zeroboros will trigger and wipe all the board.
At the next turn you will have a zeroboros with 3000 atk on your board, and can easily use it with other card to make an accesscode, or go to final sigma, etc.

General tips :

  • You cannot use transcode effect if you used another type than cyberse this turn, so bear it in mind if you use your kaiju or (in extreme cases) norming ash/veiler.
  • Transcode is your main pivot point for your climb, so make sure it will get through before playing it.
  • Mystic mine WILL BE ASHED, so be carefull using it.