Some erratas

  1. Bug description
    When importing some of my decks, I noticed a couple of pre-errat’d cards were missing.
    Not sure if this would go under bugs or suggestions.

Pre-Erratas missing for:
Destiny HERO - Disk Commander
Mermail Abyssteus
Grandsoil the Elemental Lord
Imperial Custom
Dewloren, Tiger King of the Ice Barrier (New OCG Erratum in SD40-JP)

Crush Card Virus (Pre-Errata) is missing an alternate art.
Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon (Pre-Errata) is missing an alternate art.

Cipher Soldier (Pre-Errata) need card text changed to match pre-errata text.

Ok thanks. Indeed those cards are missing. We’ll add them.

As for the alternate arts for pre-errata cards - we will not be adding those. There are several different versions of the same card. If we were to also add all the alternate arts for each of those cards, we’d get lots of duplicate cards in the database and that increases the size.

There will be one pre-errata version for CCV and Redmd hence that will use the original art.

I’ll do the other stuff though.

Ok all pre-erratas will be in the game soon. We even added Master Rules 0 for Goat with goat banlist.

These should now also be in by next update.