Softlock Endless Loop Bug in the Ready Up menu

  1. Bug description
    After being declined a rematch, I’ve become stuck in the Ready Up screen. I am unable to leave because I am “ready”. I am unable to un-ready up as my deck has “an invalid number of cards”, as the deck select has defaulted to my default deck, which is not suitable for the gamemode I was playing (Action Duel). I am unable to change the selected deck as I “cannot do that while ready”. Essentially I’m stuck in an endless loop of code where I cannot leave, and cannot fix the reason for being unable to leave, and cannot change my deck to fix that reason for being unable to fix the reason for being unable to leave.

  2. Bug reproduction steps

    1. Play a round in a game mode that requires specific cards/card types, while your default deck is a deck that does not fulfil those conditions. (I suspect this may also work for decks that use OCG cards in a TCG game, and vice versa, but I have yet to check)
    2. When the round is over, request a rematch and have the other player leave. If done right, you should end up on the Ready Up screen as “readied up” with your default deck selected.
  3. Screenshot

  1. Expected behavior
    At this point, attempting to leave or change your deck will be met by a message saying you cannot leave while ready, as shown in the first screenshot. Attempting to un-Ready Up, you will be greeted by the second screenshot.