Sleeves are not working properly

  1. Bug description
    The sleeves are not appearing correctly in the deck editor.

  2. Bug reproduction steps
    Right after opening the game, you can look any deck countless times, in online or offline mode and in no deck, even those with sleeves associated with them, none will show the sleeve.
    During the duel the sleeve is loaded normally and appears and works without problems but if you enter the deck editor after that, all decks will always show the last sleeve loaded during that last duel, again ignoring the sleeves associated to the decks.

  3. Screenshot OR error code

Right after entering the game simply no sleeve appears on any deck

Even in those that have a sleeve associated with them

As you can see in the image

When you enter a duel, the sleeve is loaded and works normally, both the random ones and the ones that are associated with specific decks

But after that in the deck editor only that last loaded sleeve will appear on all decks, regardless of whether they have different sleeves associated with them or not, only this one will appear on all decks until a new one is loaded when entering another duel and from there only this new one will appear on all decks and so on…

  1. Expected behavior
    The sleeves should appear in the deck editor showing the sleeves associated with the decks or a random one from the sleeves folder if there were none associated.
    Worked normally before, it must have started after some of the latest updates but I only noticed it today.