Sleeve bug in deck editor

  1. Bug description

When you open a deck with assigned sleeves in the deck editor, the deck’s displayed sleeves will be the ones of the previous deck you opened

  1. Bug reproduction steps

To reproduce this you must have two different decks with assigned sleeves, open one of the two decks, let’s call it deck 1, the deck’s sleeves will be displayed properly, then, close the deck and open deck 2, deck 1’s sleeves are displayed instead of deck 2 ones, now, if we close deck 2 and open either deck 1 or 2, deck 2’s sleeves will be displayed.

  1. Expected behavior

Decks should display the sleeves they are assigned correctly.

Are you sure that the name of your sleeve is the same name as the deck? That is if your deck name is “Deck1” then the sleeve should be “Deck.jpg”.

Pretty sure they are, during games they work fine, this only happens in the deck editor

Thanks for reporting this. We’ve fixed the issue.