Sleeser's introduction - How I Got Here

* When was the last time you played Yu-Gi-Oh? Are you a new or returning player?

It all started roughly a year ago where I returned to YGO after a few years of break.

After hearing devpro had died I looked up other YGO games (I never knew about YGOPro and its many forks at the time). And then like many of us do, I found TDOANE , the first result on Google after all (they have good SEO).

* What type of decks do you play?

So I started to play and as a pure dragon player. I had to check for new dragons that I missed during the time I was gone, and so I found Rokket.

At first I didn’t know anything about the deck, links, EMZ etc…

But as time passed I got the gist of it and fell in love with the deck (as weak as it was at the time, it was still stronger than anything I played up until then).

* What do you like to do for fun?

Nowdays i enjoy PC games, i go to locals here and there, i enjoy coding sometimes i even go back to drawing even if its ever so rarely.

* Do you have any favorite shows or animes?

Yes many, but my all time favorite so far is Attack on Titan

* What brings you here?

I’ll give ya the full story.

One day I checked a yugi wiki and found out there were new cards announced, but not yet in the game. So I waited and waited and waited until I was sick of it, and decided to look for another game (than tdoane).

I remembered then when I looked for a YGO game at first,I found something called YGOPro Percy, but the name made me think it was cheap, but since I couldn’t find anything else I gave it a shot and to my surprise, it had all the new cards announced and even some I didn’t know about, so I decided to switch (from tdoane).

After roughly 2 months of playing on Percy and getting new Rokket support (Absorouter, Tracer and Striker), I began to get really good at the game beating all the meta decks at the time (it was Orcust mostly). Thats when I decided to look for a mobile version of the game since I wanted to play away from home too.

And somehow - I don’t even remember how, I found Duelist Unite, home of ygopro2 for PC and for mobile. To be frank, it was amazing. I loved the cool graphics and it updated just as fast as Percy. Most importantly - mobile version.

Sadly, the good moments came to an end when a guy named Szefo decided to shutdown his server, rendering ygopro2 useless. Some time has passed and I have decided as someone who knows a little programming to maybe look into it. Maybe someone can host a server and I can maintain it. (it wasn’t the case at all)

I didn’t know anything about servers, so I made a mistake when I asked for the client’s source code (but for my defense I didn’t know anything about how ygopros really work so… cant really blame me xD).

So I got the source code of pro2, but I couldn’t compile it as I knew nothing about Unity. So I decided to ask the man himself. I asked Szefo how to compile the game, and he helped me. While I studied the code, I had an idea to add a feature I wanted myself that no one else thought to include in the game - Custom BGM :expressionless:.

With the aid of Szefo on the general chat, I managed to get the hang of it little by little. I pretty much forgot about the “no server” issue by then, until someone named wSedlacek DMed one day, telling me he wanted to create a new server for pro2 and would like me to beta test it.

This was perfect, since I was working on the client, I could create a new version with his server on it. And so we started work, he on the server and I on the client. We worked for a month approximately until it was pretty much done, with my new features included.

We were ready to tell everyone pro2 is back and better than ever! Then I had a problem. I needed some default bgms. I couldn’t use my metal songs I used for testing xD so I asked szefo what default BGMs I should use and he told me to ask the server owner, AntiMetaman (AM).

Now I have never seen AM before or saw him chatting or anything. I assumed he was MIA like Percy on his server so my skepticism was kind of understandable at the time, but I did it regardless. I DMed him and told him what I’ve been doing with Szefo and Sed this whole time and about the BGM situation. It took some time but eventually he replied and his first words to me were:

“Who are you?” :upside_down_face:

I mean i thought he at least looked up in the chat at times and he would have known I was talking with Sed and Szefo… or at least one of them mentioning me, but apparently not… Not gonna lie. At first, I was at loss for words. I didn’t know how to react to that.

But I decided to just go with it and explain who I am and what I’m doing. To which he replied “oh we already have a new version of pro2 with all of that already”… yea at that moment, I was actually out of words - like did I do all of that for nothing?

He continued to explain they were working on a secret project (dunno why he would tell someone he just met but oh well) and they are stuck and waiting for some guy to come and fix it but will only be available on December (of 2019) so in the mean time we could use what I made and Sed’s server.

So hooray green light… well things were not that easy. We launched the thing , pinged everyone and people were excited to have pro2 back. But it seems that me being the only beta tester wasn’t enough since we didn’t do stress testing.

It took us a few weeks and after a few hotfixes we got thing to a stable state. It was around that time Sed started giving me tasks, making helper programs for the card update procedures, to automate stuff. I made 2-3 programs which I don’t fully remember their usage.

It was around that time AM asked me if I wanted to help with the super awesome secret project, and I was like: “idk, I’m a pretty small fish. I don’t think I will fit with you guys.” Little did I know there was basically only one programmer working on that project.

But as we talked, I changed my mind and decided to give this a shot as it could be a good learning experience. And that’s how I met Kunogi. She was the one that made the new project that got stuck. Time passed. I was working on the stuff Sed gave me and on pro2 as well. AM told me a great deal about ygopro, ygopro2 and ocgcore so I had a better understanding of what was going on.

It was during this time that I started to work on a translator for cards in the card database. AM told me he is considering starting from scratch and I was like “you’re crazy man, there are only 3 of us really… to make a new sim from scratch?? no way we can do that” and he told me stuff like “Kunogi is amazing. I’m sure she pull it off!”. I was in disbelief but I didn’t think he would actually go through with it. I just carried on with my own stuff.

And then they actually started, and I was like “welp… guess we aren’t waiting for that December guy”. I wasn’t too optimistic at first. As for me, I got to the point I needed a source to get cards translations from. AM supplied that source and as time went on - the program that started as a program that could translate cards, became a program that updates the database completely including new cards, all on its own… and translates cards :3

A few months passed and we settled on a name for the new sim. There were not a lot of options
really :YGO Infinity and YGO Omega. We of course dropped the “pro” since this isn’t a ygopro fork but its own thing. Not a whole lot to talk about after that. It was pretty much all in the day’s work up until now.

So time skip to today.

Nowdays, I’m one of the few Omega Developers on DU - recognizable by our orange name (which wasn’t too hard convincing AM to do since its his favorite color as well).

Still playing my Rokkets :heart_eyes: which are now kinda meta (sad, I miss the days people used to laugh at me just to get crashed by them)

And that’s pretty much it. I skipped a lot of the details like our friendship with dueling nexus (was top 6 btw and top 100 twice) but this has been long enough as it is so ill end it here.

So yea… hi =D.


I don’t remember it quite like that :smile:. However, I’m glad to have you aboard our team. You’re one of the key developers. We couldn’t have gotten this far without you. I’m happy that we met and that you found me. You could have chosen any ygopro team but you chose us and I’m thankful for that.

Development will only grow more and more as time passes. There are a lot of opportunities for improvement. The most important thing is - having fun.