Skills Destiny Draw/Cyber Style/Master of Destiny bugged

  1. Bug description
    Earlier I’d been experimenting some games with a friend on Omega so we could play decks that are too expensive to get for us in Duel Links, and we found out that apparently the skills Destiny Draw, Cyber Style and Master of Destiny have issues.

  2. Bug reproduction steps

  • For Destiny Draw, we found two separate issues, one of which isn’t really a bug. The implemented Destiny Draw skill is the Speed Duel variant, which slightly differs from its Duel Links variant. Speed Duel Destiny Draw is a search effect, while Duel Links Destiny Draw is a draw effect. Moreover, when my friend and I played a game where both of us had Destiny Draw as our skill, his Destiny Draw actually allowed me to search my deck during his draw phase, while he got a regular draw. I hadn’t activated my own Destiny Draw that duel yet, and I was the room host.

  • The Cyber Style bug was fairly simple. My friend was at 1500 LP during a duel against the Fur Hire AI, and his Cyber Style only summoned one Proto-Cyber Dragon from outside his deck, as opposed to the two it should summon.

  • Master of Destiny seems to have a strange error where it turns tails coin flips into heads, even after the initial three guaranteed heads have passed. I don’t exactly know how or why this happens, but my current theory is that the current Master of Destiny changes your first three tails coinflips into heads. This is much more powerful than its actual effect, which only guarantees heads for your first three coinflips in the game.

  1. Screenshot OR error code

For the Destiny Draw we unfortunately didn’t save a screenshot or replay.

(for the Cyber Style bug)

(I did not find out about the Master of Destiny bug myself, but it appears multiple times in this video, including the first few seconds)
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same issue for me

I have pushed fixes for these 3 bugs and others, and they will be in by the next update. Let me know if these bugs and/or others show up again!

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