Side Decking stops working for subsequent matches if the previous match ended during a Side Decking and I was dragging cards around

  1. Bug description
    During side decking, if the match ends because the opponent surrenders while I am dragging a card around, after I get the surrender message and start a new match, the Side Deck screen won’t let me move/swap ANY card. Also, the card I was grabbing around stays in the same place as the previous match, and I have to proceed to the next duel without having swapped cards.

  2. Bug reproduction steps

a. Start a match.
b. After the first duel, the Side Decking screen displays.
c. Dragged a card around without dropping it, and suddenly, the opponent Surrendered the match.
d. Victory by opp surrender message displays.
e. Leave the match and start a new one.
f. After the first duel, the Side Deckin screen displays.
g. The card I was draggin during the previous match’s Side Decking displays in the exact same spot as it left when the opponent surrendered.
h. Try to move around said card and any other card. It will not be possible to drag any card.
i. Try to click, grab, right-click, or swap any card, and it will not be possible.
j. If you hit the Swap button, a message displays saying there are not enough cards to swap.
k. The only possible actions are sorting, resetting and click on Finish (which causes the game to proceed to the next duel without properly side-decking).

  1. Screenshot OR error code

  2. Expected behavior
    During the second match, upon entering the Side Decking screen, it should reflect the current state of the Deck, Side Deck and Extra Deck; every card should display in their proper slots, and the game should allow the use to drag and drop them, click them for swapping and right-click them. The swap button should let you swap between cards in the Main/Extra Deck and Side Deck.