Side Deck for DL Ladder

  1. Bug description

    When creating a deck for the DL Ranked ladder, your side deck should be able to incorporate cards in the limited list even if that exceeds the total number of limited, semi-limited or limited to 3 cards in your deck, as you can replace cards from the limited list that are currently in your deck with side deck cards so that the limitations are still being followed.

  2. Bug reproduction steps

    As this is not a gameplay bug, but more of a deck editor bug, I’ll provide an example. I’m building a Dragunity deck with 2 copies of “Dragunity Senatus” (a sem-limited card) in the main deck. I want to add “Hey Trunade” (another semi-limited card) to my side deck so that I can replace Senatus with it for game 2 or 3 if I’m going second. After my deck is built with the 2 Senatus in the main deck and Trunade in the side deck, my deck becomes invalid for online play, because there is an "Invalid ammount of ‘Hey Trunade’ " in my deck.

  3. Screenshot OR error code

I can’t provide an error code as there wasn’t any.

  1. Expected behavior

I should be able to include cards form the Forbidden and Limited list to my side deck in DL that exceed the total allowed number of those cards in my deck as they can be exchanged with other cards from the list that are in my main deck for games 2 and 3.

The rules of Side Deck are provided officially by Konami of the Speed Duel format. The Limited 1, Limited 2, and Limited 3 follow the same behavior. Both the main+extra+side combined are counted towards the banlist.

Duel Links is an incomplete simulation of the Speed Duel rules where all duels are singles, without having the option to select chain order or select zones. In Omega, we want to follow the actual rules of Speed Duel.