Shifting Up Skill Card bug

  1. Bug description

Everytime I put the skill card “Shifting Up” in my deck when I tried doing vs. AI match, a pop-up “2 parameters are needed” will be shown. The skill cannot even be used even when I have exactly three LIGHT monsters on the field with one with a different level. Another thing, when AI has legal moves to play during my turn, they won’t even play it and that I will win by time limit.

  1. Bug reproduction steps

Build a 30-card maximum Galaxy/Photon deck, using cards played by level 40 Kite Tenjo in Duel Links, including Galaxy Soldier, Galaxy Knight, and Galaxy Eyes Photon Dragon. Then put the skill card “Shifting Up” in the main deck. Play against AI, with the parameters below:

Card Pool: All
Banlist: Unlimited
Master Rule: 5
Duel Rule: Speed Duel
LP: 4000
Time Limit: 180
Draw Count: 1
Starting Hand: 4
Shuffle: Yes
Beta: No

Add Random Bot, play against it. During your turn, special summon Galaxy Soldier. Pop up “2 parameters are needed” will be shown shortly after. Continue playing, the pop up will constantly appear, and when your opponent has a legal move they will not do anything until the time runs out. You can do nothing as well, and surrendering will be your only option.

  1. Screenshot OR error code

The “2 parameters are needed” pop up.

No Skill Card activation prompt.

  1. Expected behavior

The skill when activated should make all monsters level on my side of the field to become the same level with the highest monster level on my side of the field. So Galaxy Soldier should be the same level as Galaxy Knight/GEPD. But the skill cannot even be activated, even if the requirements are met.

Try again

Fixed! Thank you

Actually a similar thing happened with Pathway to Chaos, I’ll post the detail later.

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