Several Exosister bugs

  1. Bug description
    Opponent has multiple issues when playing against exosister, the levels, defense, attack, effects (which they can see as negated when they are not); alongside some issues with effects not proccing against them (avramax for instance cannot add his attack to them); Moreover exosisters sometime cannot xyz summon when they should be able to.

  2. Bug reproduction steps

Unknown, it seems to happen inconsistently and we were not able to reproduce the bugs (except avramax and the lack of XYZ summon on turn 2).

  1. Screenshot OR error code


  1. Expected behavior
    Exosister should be able to properly XYZ summon; Avramax should be able to use his first effects and they should not have 1540099 atk on random circumstances…or be dynosaurs.

  2. What OS are you using
    Windows 10

We believe you tested this during a time when the database may have had the wrong data for exosisters. If you try to reproduce it, you won’t find any bugs. Feel free to try again. Otherwise, I’ll mark this as solved.

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