Sevens road & Dragon Mage activate bug

  1. Bug description

    There is 2 bugs, one is more obvious that is easy to see, but the other is more explainable

    1. sevens road sometimes not being able to activate on my side, other times having a infinite activation
    2. Dragon mage not being able to activate
  2. Bug reproduction steps

    “the time i couldnt use sevens road effect, i summoned him by sevens road witch and i couldnt activate
    the time i could i just hard tribute summon him
    for dragon mage, i could use at some point, but then it stopped for unknown reason, and befre you ask, yes i had the cost to use it, but i couldnt activate”

  3. Screenshot OR error code

  4. Expected behavior

    Sevens road by rush rules should be ALWAYS a soft OPT, same for dragon mage

This looks like a Rush card bug. Can you test this in omega @Lyris ?

I recently changed the Once-per-Turn algorithm for Rush Duels, so try it now.

We checked and it is once per turn.